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PTO | Jackson Elementary

The PTO consists of parents and teachers working together to support and enrich all students. We support school staff, help promote student self-esteem, and assist in efforts to solve school needs through volunteering and funding. Our primary objective as a PTO is to provide our schools with funds, programs, resources, and services that will enrich and maximize the education of every student and to benefit the school.

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CALLING ALL PARENTS: We have many more opportunities for you to invest in our wonderful schools and make a difference in the lives of our students. Please take a moment to look over the open positions; pull out your calendar and see what works for you. If you are worried that you don’t have enough time to commit to a position, you are welcome to choose a friend and split the position.There is something for everyone and we need many hands to accomplish a school year of activities.

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Watchung PTO By Laws

    ARTICLE I – Name
    The name of this organization shall be the Watchung Borough Parent-Teacher Organization, commonly referred to as the Watchung PTO.
    ARTICLE II – Objectives
    The goals of this organization shall be:
    1. To strengthen the education and cultural enrichment of Watchung students.
    2. To promote the emotional and physical well-being of the children in the school, the community and the home.
    3. To build a closer relationship between the home and school.
    4. To stimulate reciprocal interest and interaction between the community and the school system.
    ARTICLE III – Policies
    1. This organization shall sponsor programs which shall be of an educational, informative nature.
    2. This organization shall sponsor fund raising projects; the profits to be used to further the objectives stated in Article II.
    3. This organization shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian and non-partisan.
    4. This organization shall cooperate with other organizations or agencies active in child welfare, subject to approval by the PTO Board.
    ARTICLE IV – Membership and Dues
    1. Any person interested in the goals of the Watchung Parent-Teacher Organization and willing to uphold its policies and subscribe to its By-laws,may become a member upon payment of dues.
    2. The dues for each fiscal year shall be determined by the Executive Board.
    3. The fiscal year shall be from August 1 to July 31 of the following year.
    ARTICLE V – Officers and Their Election
    1. The officers of this Organization shall be President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Immediate Past President.
    2. Voting for the Executive Board shall occur in May, no later than June. Voting for newly elected board members will occur at either of the school locations and be split during day and evening hours, allowing all membership to cast one vote at either of these open periods. The day time meeting will be a general membership meeting. The evening meeting will be strictly for purposes of voting. Members of the Nominating Committee must be present at each session. Votes will be tallied by the Nominating Committee and results will be posted to the PTO website within 24 hours. Officers shall be elected by a majority of vote of the membership attending both sessions.
    3. The officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year, but shall be allowed to be reelected for a second one-year term. No officer may hold the same office for more than two one-year terms consecutively.
    4. Newly elected officers shall officially assume office at the end of the school year, except the Treasurer, who shall assume office August 15th. These new officers shall attend all Executive Board meetings following election as non-voting participants and at the same time prepare for the coming year.
    5. A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled by appointment of the Executive Board.
    6. Duties:
    a. President:
    1. Shall preside at all meetings of this organization and its PTO and Executive Boards.
    2. Shall appoint, with the 1st Vice President, all committee chairpersons.
    3. Shall coordinate the activities of officers and committees in order that the objectives may be promoted and may attend any committee meetings as an ex-officio member.
    4. Shall oversee and assist the 2nd Vice President in the selection of Homeroom parents for each class and the distribution of class lists to Homeroom parents.
    b. 1sVice President:
    1. Shall perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
    2. Shall act as Membership chairperson and oversee and advise the Welcoming committee.
    3. Shall create and distribute the PTO family directory.
    4. Shall chair any other committee of his/her choice.
    5. Shall aide the President in the performance of his/her duty to fill all PTO Board vacancies.
    6. Shall appoint, with the President, all committee chairpersons.
    c. 2nd Vice-President:
    1. Shall oversee and assist the President in the selection of Homeroom parents for each class and the distribution of class lists to Homeroom parents. Second Vice-President may also assist as needed during the year with matters concerning Homeroom parents and classroom activities.
    2. Collect, review with Executive Board, update and distribute transition
    3. Work as liaison between committee chairs, volunteers and President.
    d. Recording Secretary:
    1. Shall keep minutes of all meetings of this organization and the PTO Board.
    2. Shall organize and distribute back to school gifts to teachers and school offices.
    3. Shall coordinate with the Board of Education, Valley View, and Bayberry secretaries to ensure all pertinent PTO dates are on the District calendar and web pages.
    4. Shall communicate important PTO dates to the Watchung Borough Hall Town Clerk.
    e. Corresponding Secretary:
    1. Shall conduct the correspondence of the organization, including the Sunshine Fund.
    2. Shall maintain PTO web site.
    3. Shall send PTO email blasts at Presidents request.
    f. Treasurer:
    1. Shall have charge of all funds and present a financial report at each meeting.
    2. Shall receive all bills and make all deposits.
    3. Shall secure PTO Board approval of major expenditures.
    4. Shall prepare a budget with the assistance of the President prior to the first fall PTO meeting.
    5. Following approval of the budget by the Executive Board, the Treasurer shall present the budget at the first general meeting.
    6. Accounts shall be audited prior to September 1st by an Auditing Committee which shall be appointed by the President.
    g. Immediate Past President:
    1. The Immediate Past President shall serve strictly as an advisor and not in an Executive Board position for a term of no more than 1 year. With the elimination of the voting power, the vote of the current President will serve as a tie breaker in all matters being voted on by Exec Board.
    ARTICLE VI – Nomination of Officers
    1. The Nominating Committee shall be in place by end of February. The Nominating Committee shall consist of two (2) members who are not currently seeking nominations. It should consist of one (1) member from the general membership and one (1) Outgoing PTO Board member. If the above mentioned members are not available in accordance with the rules set herein, any available members may serve.
    2. Nominations for all officers must be submitted before April 1.
    3. Names of candidates accepting nominations will be listed on the PTO website prior to the presentation of candidates to the membership.
    4. The slate of candidates present to the General Membership by the Nominating Committee shall include all names of those candidates submitting their names for consideration in each officer position. The candidate slate shall be presented at a general membership meeting in April. The presentation of candidates will include a short written statement provided by the candidate as to why they are running. These statements will also be posted to the PTO website.
    ARTICLE VII – Membership Duties
    1. The Executive Board:
    a. Shall consist of the officers of this organization and the chairperson of the Fundraising Committee, if that person is not an officer. If the chairperson of the Fundraising Committee is not an officer, the Fundraising Chair shall have the right to vote on prospective PTO fundraising opportunities.
    b. Shall have power to transact business between meetings of this organization.
    c. Shall attend Executive Officers meetings as scheduled.
    d. Purchases up to $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars) can be approved at a meeting of the Executive Board.
    2. The General Membership
    a. Shall consist of the Executive Board members and all families of our school system who have paid their annual dues.
    b. Shall approve the Nominating slate as presented by the Nominating Committee chairperson. Shall approve the Nominating Committee selection.
    c. Shall approve and accept By-laws for this organization.
    d. Shall approve any major expenditures prior to the disbursement of funds.
    e. Twelve (12) members of the General Membership shall constitute a quorum at each meeting. A majority vote by the quorum decides any issue.
    f. The General Membership shall meet at least once a month from September to June.
    ARTICLE VIII – Budget & Finance Committee
    1. The budget shall be prepared by the Executive Board.
    2. A budget shall be prepared prior to the first General Membership meeting held in September.
    3. The budget must be approved by a vote of the General Membership.
    ARTICLE IX – Committees
    1. The Executive Board may deem it necessary to establish other committees in order to further the goals of this Organization.
    2. The President and 1st Vice President shall appoint the chairperson(s) of each committee for a period of at least one (1) year.
    3. The chairperson of each committee shall present his/her plans and progress to the General Membership and no work shall be undertaken without the approval of the PTO Board.
    4. All Chairpersons are required, at the end of their terms, to submit to the President a summary report and the file or notebook of his/her committee.
    5. If the Fundraising Chair is not an officer, that person should have chaired a Fundraising event for the PTO, prior to being appointed to the position, and shall have the right to vote on prospective PTO fundraising opportunities at Executive Board meetings. The Fundraising Chair is charged with exploring various fundraising options to present to the Executive Board.
    ARTICLE X – Parliamentary Authority
    The supreme authority on questions of parliamentary procedure shall be Roberts Rules of
    Order, Revised.
    ARTICLE XI – Amendments
    1. Any member of this organization may submit in writing to the Executive Board any suggestions for changing the by-laws.
    2. Upon approval by the Executive Board and the General Membership, these by-laws may be amended at any meeting of this organization by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership.


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